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Supreme Court Appoints New State Bar Leadership


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Paul Seeman

An experienced judge who served on the Alameda County Superior Court of California for eight years, Paul Seeman is a juris doctor graduate of Boalt Hall, the University of California, Berkeley, law school. Prior to taking the bench, he spent more than two decades working with clients out of his own private law practice. While practicing, Paul Seeman was active in several legal organizations and was admitted to the State Bar of California.

As part of the state’s move to ensure that the leaders of the State Bar are all appointed to their posts, in January the California Supreme Court named Michael G. Colantuono the organization’s chair and Jas Lee, vice-chair. The move to have only appointed leaders comes as a direct result of Senate Bill 36, which enacted major reforms to the way that the SBA is governed.

The move is also historic in that it marks the first time an openly LGBTQ individual (Colantuono) will be the chair of the State Bar. In his comments, Colantuono said he will work tirelessly to ensure that the organization remains true to its mission of equal access to justice for every Californian.

CJA Talks About Importance of Independent Judiciary


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California Judges Association

Paul Seeman is a former judge who was a member of the Alameda County Superior Court of California bench for eight years. In addition to his regular bench duties, he also served on the Judicial Council Task Force for Criminal Justice Collaboration on Mental Health Issues. Active in his field outside of the courtroom, Paul Seeman also was involved in a number of professional organizations, including the California Judges Association (CJA).

The CJA released a statement in March responding to recent attacks on incumbent judges over reasons that don’t point to illegal or unethical behavior, but rather simple disagreement with certain rulings. The group reaffirmed its commitment to supporting a fair and independent judiciary that undertakes its duties with only the rule of law in mind, and not popular opinion.

With its statement, the CJA pushed back against notions that judges should be political and urged Californians not to look to single policy issues or political posturing from challengers as reasons to unseat incumbents. Instead, voters should only consider removing judges who have broken the law or engaged in some other sort of behavior that crosses ethics lines.

Visiting Oceania


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A former judge in the Alameda County Superior Court, Paul Seeman provides consulting services in the fields of non-profit organization and management, juvenile justice, and criminal justice reform through Kanawha Consulting, which he founded in 2015. Alongside his career, Paul Seeman enjoys traveling around the world to places such as Oceania.

A large geographic region made up mostly of islands, including Australia and New Zealand, Oceania hosts a diverse range of exotic locations. Its natural beauty ranges from the lush forests of New Zealand to the volcanoes of Fiji.

Life on the islands offers a relaxed pace for vacationers. Locals, many of which come from the indigenous peoples, have much to share from their customs and traditions and gladly welcome visitors.

For tourists who want to do more than relax on a beach, activities abound. Oceania offers numerous opportunities ranging from hiking to surfing and other water sports. The region also offers spectacular stargazing at night.