Berkeley High Baseball and Friends of the Derby Street Park & Field


Berkeley High Baseball pic

Berkeley High Baseball

A former California Superior Court Judge from 2009 to 2013, Paul Seeman concurrently served on multiple committees, task forces, and other legal organizations. He also chaired the Alameda County Collaborative Juvenile Court. Outside of the professional arena, Paul Seeman volunteered his support to Friends of the Derby Street Park and Field.

A group of concerned Berkeley citizens established Friends of the Derby Street Park and Field in 1998 to promote a plan to bring a baseball stadium to Berkeley High School. The plan, which would have closed a block of Derby Street near the school to create a multi-purpose sports field, had become mired in controversy when the farmer’s market that had been using the same block once a week decided they did not want to move to another nearby location. Berkeley High School players continued to practice and play at another city facility, San Pablo Park, until 2013 when a compromise solution kept Derby Street open but redesigned it slightly to accommodate a regulation diamond.

With the help of Friends of the Derby Street Park and Field, Berkeley High School’s first regulation baseball field opened on September, 21, 2013. Christened Tim Moellering Field after a Berkeley High School baseball coach who died of cancer in 2011, the new complex also includes a basketball court and a separate grass sports field. The Farmer’s Market, after opposing the street closure and forcing the re-design, eventually moved to another location anyway.


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