Maintaining the Dipsea Trail


A former judge, Paul Seeman served in the Alameda County Superior Court for four years. He was appointed to the Judicial Council Task Force for Criminal Justice Collaboration on Mental Health Issues, and helped establish the Alameda County Collaborative Juvenile Court. Outside of his professional life, Paul Seeman enjoys running. From 1987 through 2010, he participated in the Dipsea Race trail running event in Northern California.

The Dipsea Race is run every year in June along a 7.4-mile course from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach in Marin County. The course features steep trails and stairs, making it a very challenging race. Since 2007, the Dipsea Race Foundation has been engaged in the Dipsea Stairs Renovation Project. These stairs are part of the course and include the 680 steps at the start of the race in Old Mill Park in Mill Valley.

The project is being funded through sponsorship, and about 200 more steps are currently in need of repair. Those interested in preserving a step with a personalized plaque can do so by donating $1,700 to the project. The repairs will ensure that runners on the Dipsea Trail will be able to safely complete the course for decades to come.


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