The ACJC – Assisting Youth with Mental Illness

Alameda Collaborative Juvenile Court pic

Alameda Collaborative Juvenile Court

Former judge Paul Seeman has decades of experience practicing and teaching law, in addition to serving as a judge in the Alameda County Superior Court. During his career, he was nominated for and earned a number of awards, including the Wilmont Sweeney Juvenile Court Judge of the Year Award in 2009. Paul Seeman received this award in recognition of his work in establishing the Alameda Collaborative Juvenile Court.

The Alameda Collaborative Juvenile Court (ACJC) was created with the resolve to help youths with mental illness, instead of criminalizing them unnecessarily. By collaborating with and improving coordination between the mental health and juvenile justice systems, the ACJC seeks to help young people with mental health issues receive the support they need to remain in their communities and become well-adjusted adults. Services that are provided through this court include mental health treatment, intensive case management, medication, and help from social workers and educational specialists.


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